Greeting cards 1975 till 1985.

One of the first jobs I had was as illustrator for Simon Elvin Cards. I used traditional gouache on board techniques to craft these delicate illustrations. In the time of no computers and only a small amount of printed material available as inspiration, imagery came from deep in my imagination. Quite surprising as I had only just arrived to the UK and was tasked with drawing very old English style characters.

Indian wedding invitations 1989 onward

Designing wedding cards for the British Asian community became my expertise for over 10 years. This was a pioneering trend that stretched all the way back to India. Illustrations reflected traditional imagery of Hindu, Sikh and Muslim weddings. One card has been immortalised at the V&A 

These printed wedding invitation cards were produce by Jenwill  printers and PIPI printers in Belgrave Leicester.

Diwali Cards 1989 onward

The concept of Diwali cards didn’t quite catch on until these very contemporary illustrative  versions were introduced in the early 90’s. These cards were produced by various Leicestershire printers over the years including PIPI printers and Chatham printers. The subjects I illustrated mostly took inspiration from rural living in India.