Village life collection

I grew up in the coastal village of Chorwad in the peninsula state of Gujarat, India. Here, I was surrounded by a large family. Being the youngest of five children, I was often left to play on my own, on the beach or around my fathers wood storage facilities. I remember playing in the sea, watching foreign ships roll by in the distance and making swords and toy guns from the debris that washed onto the beach.

I watched my father work tirelessly managing his wood business whilst my mother cared for the family. Months were peppered with events, weddings, diwali and harvest and we had plenty of family visitors. My work reflects that social and slow pace of life surrounded by colours of nature and lots of people.

I start by sketching out a series of scenes and some of these sketches turn into large paintings. Using my graphical style the women in my artwork are strong working women, center point of family and the local society much like the women in my family in that time. Now retired, I paint to relax and hope to leave behind a treasure of work to immortalise what was once my home.

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